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Description of We Grow (from google play)

"Grow ... to Grow Together"

Charoen Pokphand Group and True Corporation together with the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives Royal Project Foundation, Royal Forest Department, National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department Department of Marine and Coastal Greenhouse Gas Management Organization And the Queen Sirikit Park Foundation. All power sector projects. "We Grow Together ..." to create a mechanism to support the planting of trees in modern society. Plant and share data through the app. Keep up to date with ongoing growth. Information exchange, social networking, tree growers It is also the largest knowledge tree.
Create a green space at home. And within the community by downloading the App We Grow free of both Android and iOS or click on www.wegrow.in.th.

Application Feature:
1. Planting (Growing) Then save the data through the application. The data will be taken into account the global warming statistics. You can exchange tree data between growers.
2. Tree Survey (Post-survey) And location coordinates Then save the data through the application. To the concerned agencies. And to prevent the destruction of trees.
3. Tree Feeds Sharing ideas, exchanging tree data between tree growers for linkages. Create a network of tree lovers. And sharing planted data to Facebook.
4. Green Campaign. Promoting environmental protection, creating a campaign to plant trees. Growers can choose planting campaigns from various projects. Organization of the co-operative
Knowledge (Knowledge) Information about the tree. Interested parties can learn how to grow, maintain and benefit each tree. Can search You can also browse the category tree.
QR Code Scanner (QR Code Scanner) To read the tree information immediately.
7. Tree Timeline The planted tree will be displayed on the user's profile page. After planting, they can update the growing status of the trees. To save a timeline, planting each tree.
8. Carbon Absorb for Trees Grown through Applications Carbon sequestration of tree species can be monitored. Increased by the growth of trees.

Language Support: Thai, English, German and Chinese.

We Grow Together:
"We'll be back!"

1. Grow Post facts about trees cultivated, location and coordinates, and growth tree status, via applications to monitor growth and gather statistics on mutually reducing global warming.
2. Survey Post facts on the conservation of various species and coordinates plant where they were discovered to mutually conserve and prevent the destruction and extinction of the species.
3. Tree Feeds Express opinions and exchange data on plants between cultivators to connect knowledge, create a network of plant lovers, and share data of plants cultivated on Facebook.
4. Green Campaign Open Tree campaign creation for Organization, and allow the user to choose tree campaign when cultivated plants for record and location under Organization's campaign.
Knowledge Display information about plants; interested persons can learn methods of cultivation, care, and benefit of each type of plant either by searching or through the selection of plants according to category.
6. QR Code Scanner Access information plant via QR code scan at various points of discovery to immediately read and study information on the plant.
7. Tree Timeline When a plant has been planted, it will be displayed on the user's profile page and the status can be updated to record plant growth on the timeline for monitoring and viewing the plant data at each phase.
8. Carbon Absorption Display the total volume of carbon dioxide gas emitted since cultivation to indicate the conservation of each cultivator.
Language Support: English and German

More information: wegrow.in.th

Version history We Grow
New in We Grow 3.1.28
- Can Be Fixed User Not Signin facebook Share With
New in We Grow 3.1.27
- Be Fixed bug the Dark Mode
- Be Fixed bug the facebook Share Share With
New in We Grow 3.1.26
- Fixed bug cannot login with facebook
- Fixed date at timeline incorrect
New in We Grow 3.1.25
- Improve performance application
New in We Grow 3.1.24
- + Added sorting it Campaigns
New in We Grow 3.1.23
- Update plant screen to new state
New in We Grow 3.1.22
- Added function share with facebook
New in We Grow 3.1.21
- Fixed bug app crashing when sign in with facebook
New in We Grow 3.1.2
- Fixed bug crashing when authen with facebook.
New in We Grow 3.1.19
- Improved Login with facebook
- Fixed the inability to upload images when planting
New in We Grow 3.1.18
Add new form for record carbon footprint in Format Less Form
New in We Grow 3.1.17
- Fix defect
- Support Android 10
New in We Grow 3.1.16
Fix bug: Unable add new post refer member's timeline
New in We Grow 3.1.15
- Update performance
- Fix bug when hide keyboard
- Fix defect display incorrect cover profile image
New in We Grow 3.1.14
Fix bug and update performance
New in We Grow 3.1.12
Improve performance
New in We Grow 3.1.10
Support Android Pie (P)
New in We Grow 3.1.9
Fix bug, Improve performance
New in We Grow 3.1.8
Fix bug: Login process
New in We Grow 3.1.7
- Fix bug & improve performance - User can view member in each campaign
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